Great Lakes Capital Deploys and Monetizes Bulk Internet Programs with Onboard

The Client

Great Lakes Capital is a real estate development and private equity firm that invests in multifamily, industrial, and mixed-use property types. Since its opening in 2005, the company has successfully invested billions of dollars in real estate projects. Based out of South Bend, IN, Great Lakes Capital currently has 1,912 multifamily units in its portfolio.


Great Lakes Capital



1,912 Multifamily Units



South Bend, IN


Amenity Package

Bulk Internet

Kim Crouch

Director of Asset Management for 
Great Lakes Capital

“It’s not just a win for the residents. It’s a win for the on-site staff, it’s a win for the investors, and it’s a win for the owners.


—Kim Crouch, Director of Asset Management for Great Lakes Capital

The Challenge

Great Lakes Capital prides itself on not only meeting the strategic needs of its clients but also helping properties provide a seamless resident and on-site staff experience. While it knew a bulk internet deployment was crucial to increasing the value of its multifamily properties, successfully implementing bulk technology programs was challenging.

“I have attempted to roll out internet programs at properties, and without fail, had unreasonable hiccups that distract from the business. We can’t have the [on-site] team not leasing apartments because they are trying to manage technology or diffuse unhappy residents.” 

—Kim Crouch, Director of Asset Management for Great Lakes Capital

The Experience

Utilizing a third party like Onboard to provide end-to-end management and support its bulk tech programs was the answer to Great Lakes Capital’s challenges. Onboard worked closely with the nation’s leading service providers to negotiate, develop, and implement a bulk internet program at a scale that suited Great Lakes Capital’s needs and existing portfolio.

Now, residents gain access to high-speed internet through a seamless onboarding experience, thanks to Onboard. Meanwhile, on-site teams don’t need to field resident inquiries or manage technical issues—Onboard covers all of these tasks.

The Results

The Onboard partnership has become central to the Great Lakes Capital business. For new developments or acquisitions, Great Lakes Capital automatically involves Onboard in the process. By leveraging Onboard as its trusted technology partner, the Great Lakes team can understand what tech to use, as well as how to customize the technology amenity for a particular asset.

“On average, with a 300-unit property, by rolling out a bulk internet program, we can improve the value of the property anywhere from $1.5 to $2.5 million.

—Kim Crouch, Director of Asset Management for Great Lakes Capital

Want to See Similar Results at Your Property?

Onboard is your dedicated ally in managing and supporting your property technology. Our fully managed, customized programs empower you to seamlessly integrate tech into your communities, supercharge revenue, and drive operational efficiencies with on-site staff.

To discover how Onboard can help your property implement tech amenity programs at scale, contact us today.