Enhancing the Resident Experience and Driving Property Value with Onboard

The Client

Pierpoint Apartments is a premier apartment complex located in Port Orange, FL, across from beautiful Daytona Beach. Owned and operated by GoldOller Real Estate Investments, Pierpoint prides itself on its top-tier amenities, spacious floorplans, unwavering dedication to resident experiences, and emphasis on future-forward and innovative solutions.


Pierpoint Apartments | GoldOller

Real Estate Investments



208 Units



Port Orange, FL


Amenity Package

Managed Wi-Fi + Cable TV

Michelle Murphy

Senior Asset Manager
at GoldOller

“We are adding an amenity where the residents are happy because they’re saving money on their Internet costs, we’re generating revenue, and we pretty much don’t lift a finger.”


—Michelle Murphy, Senior Asset Manager at GoldOller

The Challenge

One of GoldOller’s biggest priorities is staying ahead of the curve. In real estate, innovation is critical to not only offering exceptional resident experiences but also standing out from the competition and positioning GoldOller for long-term success. Offering residents fast, reliable connectivity was the key to driving that success, but GoldOller couldn’t manage a bulk technology program alone. It needed support with creating and maintaining the program.

“I know from rolling out past bulk programs, it’s not easy.”

—Michelle Murphy, Senior Asset Manager at GoldOller

“It’s a win-win for everybody.”

—Michelle Murphy, Senior Asset Manager at GoldOller

The Experience

Onboard worked closely with Pierpoint and GoldOller to identify and understand their goals, budget, and existing portfolio to craft a custom technology amenity. Partnering with the area’s leading service providers, it negotiated and implemented a bulk internet and cable agreement for the property and provided the resources to launch, support, and manage the program at scale across every stage.

The Results

Partnering with Onboard has offered an improved and simplified experience for everyone across the property—from residents to on-site staff. Residents no longer need to wait to get internet after move-in, the program didn’t add any extra work for the on-site team, and GoldOller has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

“There’s no question anymore. This is my favorite program out there.

—Michelle Murphy, Senior Asset
Manager at GoldOller

Want to See Similar Results at Your Property?

Onboard is your dedicated ally in managing and supporting your property technology. Our fully managed, customized programs empower you to seamlessly integrate tech into your communities, supercharge revenue, and drive operational efficiencies with on-site staff.

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