Bulk internet programs are six times more profitable than retail internet marketing agreements.

90% of potential renters will not rent without access to high-speed internet service – and a majority of those need it immediately available upon move-in. With an amenity that’s so essential to your renters – plus clear potential for added revenue opportunities – what’s stopping property owners from moving to a bulk program?

Owners must first answer these common pain points: 

How can I ensure a positive resident experience throughout the entire process, from roll-out to continued program management?

How do I ensure this bulk program is not a time-consuming distraction for my on-site staff teams?

After the program has launched, who manages it? How can I ensure seamless resident transitions, or an annual review of the program’s financials?

On our latest prodcast, we speak to Kim Crouch, Director of Asset Management for Great Lakes Capital, about her experience deploying bulk technology programs across the company’s portfolio.

Unlock the new episode to learn about:

  • Identifying and calculating the revenue potential of bulk technology programs, and how this fits into refinancing and acquisition strategies
  • Best practices on how to operationalize a bulk tech program roll-out, at scale
  • Integrating these programs into your operating structure to drive millions of dollars in property value

Plus, you’ll receive a quick summary that breaks down the most important lessons shared during the podcast episode.


Heard about the recent FCC proposed changes to bulk billing? Read our response here.

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