Bulk internet simplified for managers, owners, and residents.

Greystar is partnering with Onboard to provide end-to-end management and support of your community’s bulk internet program, while uncovering opportunities that maximize revenue across your portfolio.

Fully managed internet and media amenities that unlock new revenue and enhance the resident experience 

  • Ongoing revenue analysis of bulk programs to drive maximum revenue year over year
  • Dedicated in-house customer support, reducing 95% of interactions between the property and provider
  • Seamless experiences from move-in to move-out 
  • Reliable, ongoing service that pays for itself


more revenue is generated from a Bulk service deployment model vs. a Retail service model

Fully Managed Resident Programs

TV + Media

Sample Representation of Providers

Existing contracts may dictate certain product selections and resident fee recommendations.

What does working with Onboard look like?




Watch as we design and negotiate turnkey bulk solutions that make sense for your property




Streamline service installation and resident enrollment in your new internet and media amenities




Reduce noise, delight residents, and give time back to the site team




Visualize the impact and results to make data-driven decisions for each property


Onboard Efficiency vs. In-House

Avg. Community Profit/Unit
Avg. Resident Savings/Unit

Your One-Stop Technology Partner

Portfolio Strategist

Implementation Partner


Client Account Manager


Resident Support Agent

“Working with Onboard has felt like collaborating with a member of our team rather than a vendor. Not only have we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from residents, but we’ve also saved countless hours.”

Michelle M., Regional Manager

Approved API Partner of Yardi + RealPage 

Ready to unlock the benefits of simplified internet and media management?

Schedule a discovery call with your Onboard portfolio specialist for your free assessment. Our team will show you how to quickly procure and integrate internet, media, and resident programs at your property, or to better manage and support your existing bulk programs.

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