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A New Era for Utility and Tech Management

Telecom and utility invoice management from one dedicated partner

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Onboard and Conservice have joined forces to revolutionize the landscape of telecom and utility management.

This integration merges cutting-edge technology amenities with end-to-end utility solutions to deliver efficiency for service providers and property owners alike.

Experience the best of both

Cutting-edge technology, fully integrated billing solutions and dedicated support from an army of industry Experts.

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Efficient & Integrated: Solutions for

Property Owners

Streamlined & Scalable: Solutions for

Service Providers

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Unified Billing +
Payment Systems:

Discover the simplicity of one comprehensive statement. We’ve combined traditional utilities like water and electricity with modern tech amenities. It’s everything your on-site teams and residents need, all in one place.


A streamlined billing processes, integrated reporting, and dedicated support means liberating your staff to focus more on what really matters-growing revenue and enhancing resident experiences.

Efficiency with
Smart Billing

We’ve tapped into Conservice’s extensive billing infrastructure, which manages over 8 million units with unparalleled precision. Simplify and optimize everything from bulk billing to telecom charge management.

Bulk Offering

While your team focuses on driving bulk sales, we’ll take care of the rest – from implementation and resident enrollment to ongoing support. We enhance your standard bulk offerings and streamline the resident experience, enabling you to scale with precision and ease.

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