Provider Specialist Hybrid

Job Description

As a provider specialist hybrid, you will be a key member of our sales team, contributing to both provider relations and sales administration efforts. Reporting directly to the senior manager of provider relations, you will play a crucial role in building strong relationships with provider account executives, managing contracts, and ensuring the seamless execution of client portfolios. Additionally, your responsibilities will extend to sales administration and analysis, involving contract creation, data integrity management, and strategic pricing analysis.


  • Job Classification: Exempt
  • Pay Band: Provider Specialist ($55,000 to $63,000)
  • Location: Remote or Hybrid
  • Position Title: Provider Specialist Hybrid
  • Department: Sales Team
  • Reports To: Senior Manager of Provider Relations

Duties and Responsibilities

Provider Relations

  • Effectively build rapport and foster strong relationships with provider account executives and operation specialists through email and phone communications
  • Thoroughly understand and evaluate contractual provisions and resident data to position the best bulk service options for our clients, ensure compliance with contractual requirements, and leverage this knowledge during negotiations
  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of client portfolios, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient execution throughout each phase
  • Employ strong negotiation skills to obtain competitive pricing and favorable terms from providers, striving to secure the most cost-effective solutions while maintaining a win-win relationship with our partners
  • Develop comprehensive and accurate financial projections and create well-structured proposals that articulate the benefits of our offerings and showcase the value we provide to our clients
  • Utilize multiple instances of Salesforce and other relevant platforms to track all opportunities with the utmost data integrity and attention to detail, ensuring that all information is up to date, organized, and easily accessible for seamless collaboration across the sales team

Sales Administration

  • Create and update records in Salesforce to maintain accurate customer information and track sales activities
  • Generate and review contracts and legal documents to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Respond to sales requests from the sales team promptly and provide necessary information and support
  • Assist the sales team in ensuring data integrity within multiple instances of Salesforce by conducting regular audits and updates
  • Identify opportunities to streamline sales administration processes and suggest improvements
  • Handle sales-related information with professionalism and maintain confidentiality
  • Utilize reports to determine contract expiration dates and proactively generate necessary renewal/termination documents to ensure timely and efficient processes
  • Harness data analysis techniques to create pricing benchmarks and provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making
  • Create informative resources for the provider relations team by extracting and presenting relevant pricing data, contributing to informed decision-making and improved sales strategies
  • Generate project-related reports to keep stakeholders informed about progress and key performance indicators


  • Experience working with multiple CRM platforms, with Salesforce experience preferred
  • Exceptional attention to detail in data entry, document creation, and contract management
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to changes and new technologies
  • Excellent organizational and time management abilities for efficient multitasking
  • Consistent high performance, efficiency, and productivity
  • Ability to work well in a team environment and contribute to a collaborative culture
  • Flexibility and adaptability to handle changing priorities and meet deadlines
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, for collaboration with the sales team and stakeholders
  • Experience with telecommunications, smart-home, and broadband services strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of data analysis tools such as Excel for pricing benchmarks and strategic decision-making

This hybrid role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to both provider relations and sales administration, leveraging your skills in building relationships, managing contracts, and providing valuable analytical insights.

About Onboard

Founded in 2017 in a living room in Salt Lake City, UT, with a now national presence (40 states) and a ~120-person full-time workforce, Onboard is a fast-growing, technology-enabled service and software company that is changing the way in which real estate tech (internet, smart home, access control, security, energy and carbon monitoring/reduction, etc.) is created, deployed, and managed in multitenant environments (apartments, HOAs, SFR, student housing, etc.). Onboard offers the first and most comprehensive turnkey platform built for property owners, management, and staff to blueprint, negotiate, implement, and support sustainable property tech programs from the nation’s leading internet and technology service providers.

Onboard serves many of the nation’s largest rental property portfolios and property management companies—with over 150,000 units under contract averaging multiple years in length—providing a steady base of recurring revenue.

Bootstrapped and profitable for its first five years, Onboard raised money for the first time in Q1, 2023, in order to accelerate growth and capture its $4B+ TAM.