Enhancing the Resident Experience: Bowman Station’s Success Story with Onboard

Denver Hollingsworth

March 20, 2024

Nestled in the heart of North Macon, Georgia, Bowman Station spans 60 acres and offers residents a luxurious blend of modern living amidst natural beauty. With 240 units, the property boasts a plethora of amenities, including a saltwater pool, community grilling areas, and upscale living spaces. 

Yet, like many other properties, Bowman Station was interested in leveraging technology to give their property a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. And access to reliable connectivity is at the top of the list for most renters. According to a recent study, 90% of renters were either interested or wouldn’t rent without high-speed internet.

This is where Onboard entered the scene.

In search of that competitive edge, Bowman Station turned to Onboard for assistance. Onboard worked closely with the property to identify and understand their goals, budget, and resident demographics to craft a custom technology amenity.

By partnering with the nation’s leading service providers, Onboard was able to negotiate and implement a bulk internet and cable TV agreement for the property, while providing the resources to launch, support, and manage the bulk program at each stage. The property launched with the Onboard-supported tech amenity program in November 2022.

On-site Staff Support, at Every Stage

Reflecting on the launch process, Lynn Sullivan, the Property Manager at Bowman Station, gives praise for Onboard’s professionalism and unwavering support. “Our account manager was so professional and helpful, walking us through every step,” she remarks. The rollout was not just smooth but impressively orchestrated, instilling a newfound confidence within the Bowman Station team. “Our vendors are an extension of our property and if they don’t provide great service, it reflects negatively on us,” Lynn said. “Our staff was nervous at first, but… We quickly felt completely confident and impressed with the rollout, which went very smoothly.”

However, the true value of Onboard revealed itself post-launch. Lynn emphasizes how Onboard’s streamlined communication and support significantly reduced the time and effort spent on managing tech-related issues for her on-site staff. “Onboard provides one point of contact from beginning to end,” Lynn said. “Everyone we have dealt with at Onboard has treated any of our needs as a priority. “We can be completely confident that any situation that may arise will be quickly handled with the Onboard team and that keeps us happy.”

A Value-Add Resident Offering

But the impact extended beyond the staff – it resonated with the residents as well. With Onboard’s dedicated support team, residents experienced quick responses and assistance, alleviating concerns about technology-related disruptions. And with a high volume of work-from-home residents at Bowman Station, uninterrupted internet service is non-negotiable. “The quick response and assistance offered to new applicants and current residents has been stellar,” Lynn said. “We love having the experience and customer service from Onboard to yield prompt and efficient results.”

The resident benefits don’t just end at reliable support. Thanks to Onboard’s expertise in bulk contract negotiation and management, Bowman Station is able to offer the majority of their residents bundled tech services for a lower rate than they would pay on their own.  “Many residents drastically reduced their monthly fees they were paying as individual customers,” Lynn said. “The technology package they receive is a great benefit to them.”

In her recommendation to other property managers and owners, Lynn passionately endorses Onboard. “Highly recommend,” she says. “The value Onboard brings to both staff and residents is undeniable.” She emphasizes that Onboard has not only streamlined their property’s technology services but also elevated the overall resident experience.

Future-Ready, Fully Managed Technology Amenity

By partnering with Onboard, Bowman Station has set a new standard for community living. In a world where connectivity is essential, Bowman Station is able to provide a reliable, well-supported and fully managed technology amenity program that not only gives their property a future-forward competitive edge, but also provides their residents with a seamless, convenient living experience – with no additional work from their on-site teams.

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Onboard is your dedicated ally in managing and supporting your property technology. With Onboard, you can rely on tailor-made bulk tech programs at exclusive rates, providing value-add amenities to residents who demand them. Our fully managed, customized programs empower you to seamlessly integrate tech into your communities, supercharge revenue, drive operational efficiencies with on-site staff, and depend on reliable, ongoing support and management that pays for itself.

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About the Author

Denver Hollingsworth

Former marketing lead at Comcast, with a decade of of marketing and communications experience in MDU/telecom. Currently serves as Director of Marketing at Onboard.